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A sought after professional in the field of Graphic, Editorial and Web Design, Illustration, Book and Product Design, Desiree has been working in the creative industries since she was 17 years old. Before opening up her own business she worked as the lead creative on multimillion-dollar accounts in ad agencies in Switzerland.


Known as a ‘painter with pixels’ her head turning logos are sought after internationally and form the foundation of highly successful branding strategies for hundreds of clients globally. 


In all her work Desiree applies her understanding of the psychology, alchemy and the energetic impact of design utilising angles, colour and numbers in the design process to ensure a logo embodies the essence of the brand both aesthetically and energetically.


"Working in this way will best reflect your true expression and effectively portray via logo, brand name and corporate design what it is you are offering. Together we co-create an interactive communication. And thus your clientele gets to connect to a greater sense of your wholeness and what you offer on all levels of your service.”


Working with Desiree.

Email Desiree if you would like to discuss the possibility of working together. Feel free to attach your logo and a link to your current website if you are looking to rebrand.

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